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Encouraging organizations and professionals to prioritize purpose, deep fulfillment, and human connection to reach their highest potential.

Welcome to the New World of Work…

Imagine a world where a new paradigm of work exists. One where professionals are encouraged to pursue roles that serve their deeper purpose. Where the ability to set healthy boundaries comes with ease and joy extends from the office to the home. One where work isn’t a dirty word.

This is a place where organizations have embraced the humanness of governance, celebrating individuality within the organization, and making room for informed decisions that serve the diversity of their stakeholders. Leadership teams are united in their mission to work towards the same value-driven, sustainable goals. Those who are at the top are leading from a place of purpose, not ego. There is harmony internally.

I believe this world is possible.

As a leadership coach and governance consultant, I support professionals and organizations looking to discover a new way of work, aligned definitions of success, and the power of professional joy.

Hi, I’m Suzanne

After healing from the burn-out so commonly experienced in the corporate sphere, I know it’s possible to fall in love with your career again.

I spent the majority of my young adult life overachieving, chasing someone else’s definition of success. After receiving my business degree, I worked my way through law school with an infant by my side. When I landed my first job in a law office, I was thrilled to be working alongside other female lawyers who were navigating careers with young kids. But despite our kinship, it became clear pretty quickly that in order to succeed my family would have to suffer.

I left the high-pressure world of law soon after this discovery. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that the traditional corporate mindset wasn’t serving me.

I rekindled my love for work after pivoting to corporate governance. Yet job after job, I felt my body resisting the unsupportive leadership teams, ladder-climbing attitudes, and greed-fuelled corporate subtext I came across. It became harder to listen to the broken promises of creating a people-first culture while simultaneously being asked to “forget about the people aspect” of a business decision or project (yes, those words were actually used).

At the same time, I found myself on a spiritual journey where astrology, tarot, and human design became important tools for self-discovery. I learned that I’m a 6/2 Manifesting Generator, which gave me profound clarity on how to use my energy in this world. I came to accept that my wisdom can be both experiential and intuitive—that I need to prioritize time alone to integrate my thoughts and ideas into accessible insights for others. The hardest but most fruitful lesson came in understanding life as a Manifesting Generator, and accepting that it’s through chasing my own joy that I can spark the most needed change in this world.

So, I set out to carve my own path. Blending my corporate background as a lawyer and governance expert with the self-awareness techniques needed to create a shift in the world of work.

Now, as a leadership coach and governance consultant, it’s my job to guide professionals like you to embrace your authentic self and align your career with your own definition of success by helping you understand your strengths, challenges, and innate potential.

What do you say? Are you ready to embrace your own journey and fall in love with Mondays again?

Supportive Environments Only From Here on Out

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