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Work Doesn’t Have to Be a Dirty Word

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime—more if you’re in a leadership position. So why have we allowed our work to become something void of joy?

What if you could shift that paradigm to find true purpose and meaning in your career? What if you could become a part of a movement in corporate culture where compassion, support and individuality are celebrated? What if you could fall in love with Mondays again?

I know it’s possible because I’ve experienced it firsthand. I’ve watched countless organizations and professionals, myself included, embrace a new definition of “work.” One focused on creating sustainable cultures, leading with purpose, and acting with intention. Now it’s your turn.

Leadership Coaching for Joy Seekers

Turn Off Autopilot and Find More Meaning at Work

Our lives, both personal and professional, come with a lot of conditioning. It’s not uncommon to feel stuck in the “should” or “supposed to” mentality, especially when it comes to building a successful career.

But the true path to success and happiness is uncovered through radical self-acceptance. It involves defining your values and non-negotiables. Prioritizing the work you want to do instead of what you believe you should be doing.

If you’re being called to make big shifts in your career and set healthy boundaries around your work, you’ve come to the right place.

Governance Consulting for Change-Makers

For Visionary Organizations That Lead with Intention

Good governance is about much more than checklists and compliance, it’s an opportunity for strategic partnership and collaborative thought leadership. It empowers businesses to make strategic decisions that serve the diversity of their stakeholders and sets the culture of the organization from the top down.

It also requires an intuitive understanding of the humanness that exists within every organization—effective governance can support an organization in leveraging its humanness as a strength, instead of seeing it as a burden.

Are you ready to lead your organization from a place of purpose and intention? Let’s get started.

Discover Your True Values

Throughout your career, you’ve been inundated with the beliefs, values, and measures of success that matter to those around you. But in order to find professional joy, you need to turn inward to find what is true for you.

This free guide to discovering your true values will help you avoid the trap of focusing on what you “should” aspire to and tap into your subconscious to discover how you can live more authentically.

Hold More Effective Meetings

Successful governance is essential for maintaining the trust and confidence of stakeholders, reducing costs, and improving organizational culture. But in order to drive sustainable success, your governance practices must hold board members accountable for strategic thought leadership and mindful decision-making. This free board agenda template will provide you with a blank slate to design meetings that encourage purpose-driven results and long-term success.

Kind Words From Purposeful Leaders

See what it’s like to practice effective governance or find career fulfillment under my guidance.

I had the pleasure of partnering with Suzanne on a leadership development and coaching project for a mid-sized insurance client. Working with Suzanne is a breeze! She is thoughtful, client-focused and professional, and brings the perfect balance of experience and intuition. Under Suzanne’s coaching, I watched our client grow, challenging their assumptions and stepping into their highest potential of leadership, embracing actions critical to organizational alignment and growth. Suzanne digs into the heart of client resistance, compassionately pushing people to challenge assumptions, work through limitations and leverage strengths. I would happily partner with Suzanne on a project in the future.

Kimberly Schmitke

Founder, Autumn Goose Coaching Inc.

Suzanne and I collaborated on Board Strategic Planning activities. She is a pleasure to work with—easy to collaborate with and a team player. Her written and verbal communication skills are very polished. As my group prepared for Board strategic planning sessions, she always provided excellent guidance ensuring we had the expectations of Directors top of mind.
Jocelyn Tratch

Senior Strategic Management Director

Suzanne was a great coach during my year-long sabbatical from (and transition back to) my core global business development/leadership profession! I find Suzanne’s coaching style to be lively and cheerful, with deep listening and insightful questioning, and full of positive energy. In Suzanne’s coaching sessions, I got the space (and gentle prodding) I needed for reflection and introspection, which enabled career-life-location decisions, aligned to my core needs and values. I’d definitely recommend Suzanne as a coaching partner, especially for leaders/executives.

Senior Vice-President, Global BFSI Practice Head

Suzanne provided valuable support to my team as we integrated board feedback to enhance our board reports. She thoughtfully balances the needs of the board with the needs of management and can mediate between these groups to find common ground. By asking thought-provoking questions and sharing different perspectives, she facilitated a process that allowed us to retain our voice as management while incorporating board feedback and meeting board needs.
Philippe Sarfati

Executive Vice-President and Chief Risk Officer

Supportive Environments Only From Here on Out

Let’s work together to inspire a shift in corporate mindset.

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